Temple of Doom Year Two Bible

the draft


All teams will begin the draft with $200 toward the draft, minus the cost of keepers.

Nomination and Bidding Process

Owners will take turns nominating players for bidding. A nomination functions as a bid, with a minimum value of $1.00. Bidding then commences, with all owners free to bid on the nominated player, so long as they have an available roster spot and funds.

Should two owners make the same bid, credit will be given to the owner who bid first. Any contentions about the order of such a tie will be decided by a show-of-hands league vote, on the spot.

Once an owner's roster is filled, they are removed from the nomination order and bidding processes.

All owners must fill a complete, 14-player roster at the draft.



Owners have the option of keeping a maximum of seven players each year.

Non-rookie keepers will be valued at their initial auction price for two seasons (re: the season drafted, at the following season). In the third season, they enter restricted free agency.

Rookie keepers (defined as any player whose name is in the Yahoo! player pool for the first time) will be valued at their initial auction price for three seasons (re: the season drafted, and following two seasons). In the fourth season, they enter restricted free agency.

(Note: this is an adjustment to the idea of a developmental roster spot)

Restricted Free Agency (beginning Year 3)

A player entering restricted free agency is eligible for nomination during the draft, but still considered to be "owned" by their current team. Once nominated and bid up to a final price, the current owner can opt to keep that player at the new, market value price, or relinquish their rights to the player.

Waiver Wire Keepers

Any undrafted player picked up off of the waiver wire may be kept for $5.00.

For restricted free agency purposes, undrafted rookies are treated as non-rookie keepers; they hit restricted free agency after two seasons.

two year embargo

No Structural Changes

No major rule changes will be made for a minimum of two years, to allow for a full assessment of the league format after all of the carryover keepers have cycled back into the player pool.

Additionally, any individual rule that is voted into place hereafter cannot be voted on again for at least two years.


Rounds / Roster Spots

Total active roster spots will remain at 14.

Injured Reserve

Total IR spots will remain at two.

Waiver Wire

The waiver wire will remain as first come, first serve.


Add/drops will remain at two per matchup.


Top six in, bottom four out.


Regular season (for playoff entry):

  1. Head-to-head record

  2. Most categories won in H2H

  3. Most categories roto

  4. Best roto across league


  1. Head-to-head record

  2. Roto scoring amongst all playoff teams in the round

  3. Most categories won through playoffs to that point